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Porter is our digital assistant who can carry out daily tasks; from arranging viewings and inspections to resolving issues and chasing rental arrears.

Porter can be accessed 24/7, and supports property managing teams by reducing time spent on tedious tasks, freeing up resources to deliver a value-added, human-touch experience.

We’ve trained our digital property assistant Porter with cutting-edge technology to make for the friendliest, most efficient customer experience.

AI is fundamental to our market-leading edge. Real-time conversations with users directly feed into Porter's dynamic capacity to learn.

Porter gets smarter as it encounters new data and learns the patterns and exceptions of your workflows - automatically.

Porter uses 'natural language processing' to read text communication and listen to voice input, then accurately interpret it. NLP is the part of AI that looks at human language spoken 'naturally', as if in conversation.

In essence, NLP helps Porter understand people and their needs, and even moods through sentiment analysis, to deliver an intuitive, enjoyable experience for your customers.

Yes. Porter can support residential and commercial property management, so we can help you manage the entirety of your diverse portfolio.

We are currently rolling out lead development and inbound maintenance communication modules with much, much more to follow. Watch this space!


Experience the effortless management of any space with askporter. Porter uses Artificial Intelligence to free your team of mundane tasks and providing an impeccable experience for customers.

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