List of subprocessors used by askporter

Entity NameProcessing ActivitiesEntity CountryData hostedData - APData - Users
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUnited StatesEU
Google, Inc.Cloud Service Provider/Provider of G SuiteUnited StatesEU
TwilioTelephony and Messaging ProviderUnited StatesEU
Auth0, Inc.Provides SAML single sign-on functionalityUnited StatesUS/EU?
Microsoft AzureCloud Service ProviderUnited StatesEU
MatomoAnalytics providerUnited StatesEU
Sentry.ioError and bug detectionUnited StatesEU
1PasswordPassword managmentCanada? Depends on region account was created in, EU or US
HubspotQualification of Sales/Marketing leadsUnited StatesEU/US
SlackMessaging (code fragments etc end up in here)


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