ask. get.
property magic.

Free your team. Enjoy effortless property management with an all-in-one AI-powered platform, guided by a powerful digital assistant.

Every property management
task under one roof.

Is your team stuck in a world of manual data entry processes and clunky, single-task apps?

askporter is an all-in-one property management platform that includes every tool you need to delight landlords and tenants. Managing agents can hand their tasks to a magical assistant at every step of the journey - from arranging viewings and inspections, to resolving issues and chasing rent.

‘Can I order a cleaner for 26 Orchard Road?

'How many new property enquiries have I had this week?’

'Can I arrange a contractor for several properties?'

‘How many boiler issues have been reported in Huxley House?'

A digital assistant who weaves magic
into your properties.

We’ve trained our digital assistant porter with cutting edge ‘AI tech’ to make him the friendliest, most efficient property assistant.

porter helps occupants troubleshoot and fix issues, pay bills and access information, what’s more, he’s also there to help the managing team, providing best in class advice and actually helps them carry out their daily tasks, from arranging a contractor to chasing rent arrears.

Delight your customers, cut management costs, and free your team from tedious tasks.

Services tailored
to your space.

Each porter is unique – like the spaces they manage.


Our service marketplace can equip your porter with out of the box packs to tackle emergency plumbing issues, automatically chase rental arrears, and qualify leads for your sales team.


Perhaps your business has special requests: like book an event (vegan breakfasts on floor four anyone?) or booking meeting rooms. No problem. We also build bespoke services – so you always get what you ask for.


Multichannel agent

Get all the facts that you need to make smart decisions. Inbound activities from any channel (from landline, to whatsapp) are seamlessly received and assigned to an ongoing or new task.

New activities can be reactively added or proactively scheduled to a task with a simple tap of a button (such as a smoke alarm inspection) enabling agents to simply track all activities related to a task.

Every activity is remembered and searchable, with porter able to ‘recommend’ follow-on activities based on previous tasks using machine learning.

property management.

Cut maintenance costs by 50%

askporter can solve many tenant issues without troubling your team - and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Stop fire-fighting. Start selling.

With tedious tasks handed over to porter, your team can focus on sales and building your business.

Get powerful business insights

Join the dots across your operations and build a complete picture of your opportunities.

Create magical experiences.

Delight tenants and landlords with personalised services and solutions that go the extra mile.

Who can benefit
from askporter?

...pretty much anyone who’s got their foot in the property management sector.

  • Student housing
  • Social housing
  • Residential lettings
  • Block management
  • Build to Rent
  • Insurance
  • Commercial units

Our API makes
integration easy.

Do you need to connect askporter to your existing software?

Our powerful and flexible API makes it easy to configure askporter to share features and data with other systems. No problem.

Onboarding is as
simple as you like.

The askporter platform is used by over 500,000 properties and over 1 million people. Trust us, we needed to make on-boarding easy.

Your occupants can start using Porter straight away, no downloads, no apps, just a number and an email. As soon as you fall in love with porter we can start adding more services.


On the first demo I was reporting issues with a chatbot and I had no idea it was an AI as opposed to a “real person” and it gets smarter with every interaction, that’s what I was excited over and why we decided to invest in askporter.’
Colin Stokes, Managing Director, Adiuvo

askporter has cleverly recognised that the property management industry is better positioned than most to take advantage of the developments in communication and AI. Weaving AI into property management is an opportunity to transform the customer experience in this industry.’
Faisal Butt, Founder and Chairman, Pi Labs

askporter is set to significantly improve the service that managing agents are able to offer landlords and tenants; saving time, cost and hassle.’
James Caan CBE

Our partners

We are proud to be invested in and supported by the leading PropTech and AI companies in the world.