Ask. Get.

AskPorter makes managing spaces simple. A single, conversational platform, which handles all of your property & facilities management on any device from mobile to desktop.


Eliminate mundane tasks whilst delivering instant, efficient customer service

Thousands of properties in one place

Want to know how many new property enquiries you’ve had this week? How many boiler issues you’re having in a building or what the chat is in your community?

Need to better audit your properties, want to offer cleaning services? Or need to arrange a contractor for a tricky job?

Porter will even detect patterns & suggest better ways to manage your portfolio. You can even give custom access to members of your team, ensuring only the right people have access to the right information.

Introducing AskPorter, an AI management platform with a digital assistant called Porter. Porter instantly responds to and logs every conversation, allowing you to filter by user, property, tag, status or type, in the office or on mobile, instantly telling you what you need to know.

The services you want, need & don’t know you need.

Porter is smart enough to know that no two spaces are the same. Our platform is a constantly growing marketplace of services & you can customise what you need for your business, from a one bed in Woking to a warehouse in Winchester.


We work closely with each client to build new skills, meaning with Porter you’ll always get what you ask for.

An intuitive AI dashboard enables smart portfolio management

Property Management. Just smarter.

Any Device

From landlords to tenants, managing agents to investors, AskPorter puts everything you & your team need to know in a single place.

Reduce Resource

Eliminate time spent on routine tasks & allow team to focus on the higher value activities.

Build More Value

Porter helps you deliver a better service to the people who work or live in your buildings, from selling additional services, providing community chat or using data to address the biggest issues, faster.

360 knowledge

Porter delivers full transparency from accountability to analysis. Anything & everything can be monitored & measured giving you all the tools to understand, improve & grow your portfolio.

Who can benefit from AskPorter

  • Student housing

  • Social housing

  • Residential lettings

  • Block Management

  • Build to Rent

  • Commercial (retail / industrial) units

  • Insurance

The best teams AskPorter

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