The AI manager & conciergefor any space

Experience the effortless management of any space with askporter. Our combination of Digital Assistant and modular AI management platform frees your team of mundane tasks while delivering impeccable customer experience

How it works

Impeccable customer experience

Residents and tenants can chat with Porter, our multilingual AI assistant, by text or voice.

Porter can qualify leads, take and chase rental payments, triage maintenance queries, plus anything else involved with living or working - in any space.

Intelligent workflow automation

Inbound activities from any channel are seamlessly and autonomously captured, identified and prioritised.

New activities, such as arranging a supplier visit, can be added to a task with a single tap of a button, enabling property managers to promptly and easily take action.

Machine learning data tools

Porter uses cutting-edge technology to learn from you automatically.

Every activity is contextualised, meaning Porter can recommend and action next steps based on your workflows that maximise productivity and minimise cost.


Maintenance management

All maintenance issues are triaged and actioned by Porter in real-time.

Tenant qualification

Optimise your pipeline by collecting user-defined criteria for every contact. Automatically qualify warm leads.

Inventory management

Manage appliances, manuals and dilapidations all in one place.


From chasing rental arrears to collecting rent, Porter has got you covered.

(Coming Q1 2020)


24/7 Management

Our Digital Assistant Porter doesn't sleep. Every query, every issue raised is captured, categorised, prioritised and actioned.

24 / 7 / 365.

Automation of tasks

Every activity is logged, tagged, and retrievable through our intuitive Google-like search.

Our platform is ever learning, with over 1.2 million issues reported.

Every action tracked

Automate and track tasks and build a true picture of the health of your portfolio.

End-to-end solution

Being a good property manager is highly contextual. Understanding what happens in one part of the tenancy changes what happens later on.

We're building out a single platform that enables managers to move seamlessly from instruction to re-listing.


Experience the effortless management of any space with askporter. Porter uses Artificial Intelligence to free your team of mundane tasks and providing an impeccable experience for customers.

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